The Importance of Ergonomics and Monitor Height

ergonomics monitor height

Many people overlook the importance of ergonomics when setting up their desks, and the same is true for the height of their monitors. While the average height of a desk is approximately 29 inches, it can be significantly increased by simply adjusting the monitor height. For best results, a monitor should be positioned at a height that will allow you to comfortably view the display while sitting or standing. The following are some tips to help you determine the proper monitor height. Useful info

Pay Attention To Your Monitor Height And Position

Keep in mind that a good computer monitor height can affect your health in more ways than one. Not only does a correct monitor height improve your overall health, but it will also ensure a complaint-free work environment. When you use a computer, it is important to position it in a way that makes your eyes comfortable and minimizes strain on your neck. The correct height also promotes a neutral neck position. In addition to comfort, proper monitor height is also important for your eyes.

When choosing the height of your monitor, make sure that the top third of the screen is visible to you when you hold your neck straight. Ideally, your monitor should be about the height of your fully extended arm. If this is not possible, consider placing your monitor on a monitor riser. Otherwise, consider adjusting your chair to accommodate the monitor’s height. While the monitor may be too tall, it is still possible to get the right height.