Gym Brands

Whether you’re a serious gym buff or just want to be comfortable in your workout clothes, there are plenty of brands to choose from. Some focus on making high quality activewear that will look great paired with your everyday wardrobe, while others are focused more on technical fabrics and improved performance. Learn more :

What is comparable to Gymshark?

A stalwart of sportswear, New Balance is famous for its shoes and also offers a range of apparel to complement their shoe line. Its athletic fit clothing is made from the finest materials available, and is a smart choice for anyone who wants to go the extra mile when it comes to performance.

Olivers Apparel

For a more subtle, premium gym look, Olivers Apparel makes a range of stylish workout wear for men. Its slim fits and high quality fabrics are designed to complement your body shape and give you a better fit, whether you’re at the gym or out running errands.


If you’re looking for sleek, sexy designs with a street style aesthetic, Koral is the brand for you. The shiny leather-like fabric is breathable and looks good both in the studio or out on a night out.

Outdoor Voices

Another activewear brand with a street style aesthetic, Outdoor Voices is best known for its sweat-wicking, quick-drying tops and bottoms. The company develops its own fabrics, including Sweatee, which takes sweat from the body and transfers it to a surface that dries quickly.

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